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Here you can leave your everyday life behind and experience relaxation in a new dimension.

Our team has specialists, trained in different massage practices. We offer massages to relax, such as Tantric Massage or Relax Massage. Massages that support your muscle functions, such as Traditional Thai Massage or Sports Massage. Pain relieving massages, such as special oil massage, foot reflex massage or lymphatic drainage, revitalising massages, such as hot stone massage or vacuum cup massage.




Golfer massage



As preparation for the game

or for regeneration.

We know your complaints and

will help you.
Our massage for golfers loosens the muscles and helps you prepare specifically for your golf sport. Of course, we cannot promise a better golf swing or even a "Hole In One". But your round of golf will be easier and more pleasant.
Of course, after-treatments of physical complaints caused by the game are unnecessary or less costly.
These special massages for golfers are suitable for players of all ages.



Relaxation massage


We give everything

to make you feel good 


The Wellness-Relax-Massage leads to extraordinary relaxation.

In the prone position, the entire back and neck are gently massaged with natural almond oil, followed by a massage of the feet and legs.
You can switch off and relax wonderfully to beautiful relaxing music.

Your muscles relax, become soft and supple,

and you can draw new strength and energy for your everyday life.

Simply beneficial for body, mind and soul.



Sports massage


The right massage

for every sport

We recommend sports massage for various sports. We have a wide range and treat rugby players, cyclists, tennis players, footballers, handball players, volleyball players, surfers, swimmers and sailors. We can prepare you specifically for your sport. It is also essential for delayed onset muscle pain to have a muscle loosening massage to reduce blockages and prevent hardening of the muscles. After physical exertion, have your muscles regeneratively loosened and massaged out. 



Tantric massage Vilamoura

Tantric massage is a massage technique that involves the whole body.
The stimulation of the whole body releases energetic blockages and tension and enjoy pure relaxation.
One study found that massages of just 45 minutes showed lower stress levels and better mental clarity in the participants. In addition, at the end of the study, participants had significantly fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety than at the beginning.

Tantric massage may also provide some health benefits to other massage techniques, including improving circulation, lowering blood pressure and boosting immune function.


Thai massage Vilamoura

Our Thai massage is a full body massage to relax the body and mind and reduce stress.

Physical relaxation and the experience of serenity, contentment and well-being are closely linked.

It has been scientifically proven that Thai massage stimulates blood circulation and increases lymph flow.

In addition, the muscles are loosened and relaxed.

The Thai massage improves the posture, especially the spine is relieved.


Special ÖL massage Vilamoura

Is a new massage that has gained a lot of followers in a short time.

Massages with our special oil bring additional benefits for the skin due to the oil's antioxidant properties.

It slows down skin ageing and can have a soothing effect on joint pain.

Special  oil can significantly enhance the relaxing effect of the massage and can help to clear the mind and bring more balance to the body.


Our special  oil is not addictive in any way.


Daily 9 hours of service

We are here for you

daily from 10:00 AM  to 7:00 PM 

We have a fresh face mask for you on request. Of course, you can also take a shower and disinfect your hands.


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Over 1000 satisfied customers.

If you are looking for relaxation or increasing your concentration, if you are a manager or an athlete, we will find the best massage treatment.

Explore a wide range

Few forms of therapy have such a wide range of effects as massage.
A holistic massage ensures relaxation and healing on all body, mind and soul levels. With the help of conscious touch, you have the space and the strength to develop your healthy self-confidence and master your day.

If yIf you feel stressed, restlessness spreads, and you are somewhat tired and listless, cannot sleep well, and your muscles are tense, it is even more important to treat yourself to massages. You should keep up the massage cycle and treat yourself to regular massages and time-outs. Your body will thank you. ou feel stressed, restlessness is spreading, and you are somewhat tired and listless, cannot sleep well, your muscles are tense, it is even more important to treat yourself to massages. You should keep up the massage cycle and treat yourself to regular massages and time-outs. Your body will thank you. 



Easy to find

Above the MASTERS BAR , to the right of the ATLANTIC BAR with the sensational view of the Vilamoura Marina.



- the cabins are vapour cleaned
- we purify the air with two air purifiers
- you get a mask on request
- disinfection against viruses / bacterias



Our business is registered

CME certified and insured

We use 2 x Air purifier for safety

Vapor cleaning

Over 1000 massages experience

Professional massage tables

Awarded at competitions

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Maria is a fantastic therapist. She has a great touch and the massage was very relaxing and satisfying. She is one of the best in Vilamoura and you will struggle to find better. You won’t regret booking a session with her!






Such a nice person. Amazing massage, nice relaxing time and a very beautiful company. Thank you for the fun relaxing time! See you again soon . Highly recommended.







The massages are absolutely great. I have been coming for a massage every holiday for five years now and feel really relaxed, looser and fitter afterwards. I would just like to say THANK YOU



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